CP Holiday Train Rolls into Sparta

Kira Isabella Sparta Holiday Train

Sparta Wisconsin News – The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train pulled into Sparta on Saturday to a huge crowd of people.  Before the show, traffic waiting to get on Avon Rd, and then to South Water St, was backed up all they way down Hwy 27 to River Road.  The Canadian Pacific spokesman even said that she was going to issue a check for $4,500 to a mayor or food pantry person but the crowd was so large they could not get up to the stage.  (One lady from one of the food pantries did make it to the stage)

The Performers for the night were two Canadian Country singers, one was a performer from last year, Kira Isabella and the other was the group Doc Walker.  Doc Walker has played the tour before, but they did the Canadian Tour, this is the first time they were going on the American Tour.

Even though the crowds were huge everyone seemed to have a good time.  One of the highlights of the night was when Doc Walker’s front man says “I bet none of you have ever heard of a disco Christmas carol.  Then they went on to perform a parody version of “Stayin Alive” with seasonal Christmas lyrics.