Mayweather goes to 48-0

Sparta Wisconsin News – Mayweather wins by unanimous decision in what was supposed to be the fight of the century and extends his record to 48-0.  Instead it turned out to be a yawner for most fans of the match who were expecting knock out blows and flurries of combinations by Pacquiao.

What the fans got was exactly what most analysts said they were going to get.  Most analysts said that Pacman was a more aggressive fighter, and he did seem more aggressive than Mayweather. Analysts also said that Mayweather was a technical fighter and would wait to connect. He did just that.  All in all what it turned out to be was Pacman backing Mayweather into corners and not connecting on his shots.

I mean, I feel the fans pain.  I do.  I want to watch a fight where two guys want to tear each other apart and this was not that fight.  Many said to them it was Manny chasing Mayweather around the ring and Mayweather was just hugging Manning anytime he tried to get aggressive.

I agree there were many times I sat watching my screen yelling “kick his ass” and no one really did on either site. Round 1 and Round 12 may be the worst I have ever seen.  I don’t think that either fighter even wanted to punch each other.

What’s Next? Mayweather said after the fight that he plans to fight again in September, and after that fight there is talk about retirement.  I know one thing.  I am not buying pay-per-view on that next fight, and I am sure that will be true with many others